30 ianuarie 2013

Motto II

Truth and Lies

  " The Truth told by the Mainstream Media is a beautiful Lie . "

    Mainstream Media is telling us the truth for a lot of time . Thit is why nowdays we have a strange and alienated generation . In order to become really free, we need to undertand one single important fact : Mainstream Media represents a business and like any other business, it  represents firstly the interests of the big boss. It is very logic and also very simple.  We fell sorry for the people addicted to drugs, but in the same time we do not realize the fact that by watching everyday the mainstream media we also become narcomans.
   Choose your real reality, do not choose the reality presented by the mainstream media who bombards us with neo-marxist lies!
   F**k political correctness. F**k cultural marxist. Nationalism is the way for every people of the world.

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